Sustainable consumption and production

The policy of sustainable consumption and production (SCP) under the moto Doing more and better with less aims at promoting sustainable patterns of behaviour and doing business in all economic sectors. It introduces the concept of 'product and service life cycles' (Life Cycle Approach, LCA) which follows the environmental footprint of products and services, and is based on scientific indicators.

The goal is to reduce consumption of natural resources, reduce production of hazardous and toxic substances, reduce emissions into the air, water, soil, and reduce or prevent generation of waste at the place of origin. Also, through the SCP policy sustainable and inclusive development is supported, poverty is alleviated and better quality of life is achieved.

Sustainable production refers exclusively to the production process and takes into account economic, social and environmental impacts of the production process. Sustainable consumption equally refers to the production and the consumer part of the process, that is the responsibility for sustainable consumption lies both with producers and consumers. Therefore, producers should strive towards a production process by which not only quality and long-lasting products would be created, but also the methodology of that process should be such that the optimal amount of resources would be used ad they would be utilised to the maximum. On the other hand, consumers should through appropriate selection of products and moderate use of those products (and proper disposal of waste remaining from the product), but also through rational and moderate use of basic resources (water, gas, electricity) contribute to the change of existing unsustainable consumption patterns.