Tomislav Ćorić, Ph.D. has taken office as the Minister of Environment and Energy

Published: 13.06.2017. 14:40 Updated: 19.06.2017. 13:44

Today, 13 June 2017, the official handover of office took place at the Ministry of Environment and Energy between the newly appointed Minister Tomislav Ćorić, Ph.D. and State Secretary Mario Šiljeg.

Tomislav Ćorić has arrived to the position of Minister of Environment and Energy from that as the Minister of Labour and Pension System.

State Secretary Šiljeg informed Minister Ćorić of the Ministry's work during the previous term of office as well as of the projects that are being implemented in the field of environmental protection and energy.

When taking office, Minister Ćorić stressed that it was his intention to continue with the implementation of all initiated projects with a focus on the absorption of EU funds that were available to him to the greatest possible extent.

He particularly emphasised the exceptional importance of implementing the Waste Management Plan at all levels so that Croatia could build an efficient system and meet all undertaken commitments in the field of waste management, as well as the adoption of the new strategy of energy development of Croatia.

State Secretary Šiljeg expressed his firm belief in the continued good cooperation and joint work on the realisation of the set goals.